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About Us

Iron Capital Plc is a holding company with business interests in Automotive, Supply Chain, Technology and Basic Industry Start Ups. We hold a long-term view in our investments as we build and guide the development of our subsidiaries through strong business fundamentals.

With our Head Office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, we are focused on building a foothold in ASEAN countries while already possessing a strong comprehensive network of business partners in Asia, Europe and North America. Iron Capital Plc is a consolidation of leaders and advisors with years of specialized experience in multiple industries; all strategically assembled to achieve our vision and more. We function as investors as well as operators in the ecosystems we exist in.


Our vision is to invest in and build industry leading businesses and contribute to the sustainable development of the local economy where we operate.

Mission Statement


To Our Shareholders

Enhance our shareholders value through sustainable and profitable growth


To Our Customers

Deliver the best quality and value for money products and services to all our customers


To Our Community and Partners

Build a long lasting relationship based on trust, fairness and equality


To Our Employees

Create opportunities for career growth within a family-oriented work environment




Respect for People



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