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Our Investment Portfolio

As investors and operators of our portfolio, we thrive on building core-businesses, driving transformative changes and being an innovation leader. We value long term sustainability and are results-oriented to ensure a path to profitability.

Garage Franchise
A Klasse Auto Co., Ltd

A Klasse Auto Co., Ltd is a subsidiary fully owned and operated by Iron Capital Plc. It is Cambodia’s first dual-ISO certified private garage franchise and we expect to have 50 branches nationwide by the year 2030. We currently serve customers through three branche locations spanning 2317sqm to 4442sqm in land size.


A Klasse Auto Co., Ltd

We are currently developing our own custom garage tech system and mobile app in a move to digitalize our processes and allow customers easier accessibility to our products and services. As we grow, we expect tech development in areas like e-commerce and supply chain


Digital Media
Advanced Auto Digital
Media Co., Ltd

Our digital media subsidiary currently produces automotive via their YouTube and Facebook page "Advan Auto". In their first 2 years, they are ranked in Cambodia's Top 2 automotive content creators with a focus on automotive quick-tips, test drives, technology and latest trends, just to name a few.

Digital Photography

Authorized Dealer
Iron Motors Co., Ltd

Iron Motors is the official and exclusive dealer representative for Line-X (USA) and CTEK (Sweden) in Cambodia.

Line-X is the leading brand for protective coating in multiple industries  such as automotive, construction, security & defense, industrial, residential and more.

CTEK are global leaders in automotive smart battery chargers and used by car manufacturers like Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and more. 

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